Undaunted- The Last Flowers Blooming. Goffstown Historical Society Garden.

Above- Salvia “Indigo Spires” and foliage of” Harrington’s Pink” New England Aster. Little Bluestem “Standing Ovation” Shrub Hypericum “Blues Festival” and the Prairie Golden Aster. “Raydon’s Favorite” Aromatic aster Unknown variety- heirloom hardy chrysanthemum. Japanese Spurflower Persicaria “Amethyst Summer”

Early October at the Goffstown Historical Society Gardens

Many nights in the high 30’s and low 40’s, but still no frost. Late bloomers are still colorful, but warm season annuals are fading. The above is the Grass Leaved Goldenrod. It is delicate and pretty, but can spread. The bonfire colors of French marigolds, and below the African marigold “Crackerjack”. The small French marigoldsContinue reading “Early October at the Goffstown Historical Society Gardens”

Blooming Today

New England aster “Violetta” . Hybridized in Europe. This came from Digging Dog Nursery in California, ordered on line. This nursery has choice asters, persicarias, ornamental grasses and aconitums. “Torch” tithonia, the Mexican sunflower. Easily raised from seed planted in June. A fast growing annual. Easy for anyone. The white spires are Persicaria “Alba”. AboveContinue reading “Blooming Today”

At the Goffstown Historical Society Gardens- September 8, 2022

Gardens don’t need to be abandoned after August. Here is proof in these late flowering borders. Above- “Candles” canna, zinnias, and “Miss Huff” lantana. The native New Hampshire Showy Goldenrod (Solidago speciosa), shown below- Canna “Pretoria” above, and the Late border in front of the old red schoolhouse below. The grass in the foreground isContinue reading “At the Goffstown Historical Society Gardens- September 8, 2022”