The End of the Gardening Year 2021

Above is the Japanese Spurflower- Isodon effusus, along with Fuschia “Gartenmeister” and Plectranthus “Longwood Silver”. In the South the gardening year never ends. Seedling Bachelor’s Buttons, Larkspur germinate in fall. Rarely does snow cover them. There are myriad berries, spears of the coming daffodils, and in February one finds the leaves of Spring Beauties. ButContinue reading “The End of the Gardening Year 2021”

The Hydrangea Trial Gardens at Heritage Gardens on Cape Cod

Heritage Gardens in Sandwich, Mass. has a riveting collection of hydrangeas of all persuasions- from blue mopheads to lace caps to paniculatas, and to exotics I did not know existed. Even in early October there were blooms to see. My sister and I were in Eastham for a week, just south of Coast Guard BeachContinue reading “The Hydrangea Trial Gardens at Heritage Gardens on Cape Cod”

Heart-Leaved Aster

Aster Cordifolius, the “Heart- leaved aster”, is blooming now. Along partly shaded roads. In the verge behind the Sully’s grocery in Goffstown. In old cemeteries. My sister’s garden in Bow has it foaming over the hostas in her front yard. I have it here in New Boston, though the relentless, repeated attacks by the woodchucksContinue reading “Heart-Leaved Aster”