Two Gardens. June 14, 2021

These are photos taken today in my sister’s garden in Bow. The flowers and plants are pass-a-long New England favorites collected by my sister, and some newer additions. The following plants are newer perennials I added to this garden. This Campanula enchants my sister. In two years it has formed a patch that has triedContinue reading “Two Gardens. June 14, 2021”

June 12 Blooms. Old Favorites and Exotics.

Above is my first flower on Marigold “Cempazuchitl”, a large African Tagetes which is grown in Mexico to use as a floral symbol on The Day of the Dead November 1st. The plant has an open, rangy ,skeletal look and large pompon blossoms. I bought three plants from Annie’s Annuals in California, and now haveContinue reading “June 12 Blooms. Old Favorites and Exotics.”

A Few Words about the David Austin Roses

When the David Austin roses came to the US, I bought and planted about two dozen of them in my garden in Nashville. How seductive they were, and still are, and yet not one of them would I grow again. I never thought I would live in New Hampshire and be writing about those roses.Continue reading “A Few Words about the David Austin Roses”