Bright Colors on a Gray Day

We have had some unsettling weather this past week. Ninety four degree temperatures and Mississippi Delta humidity for three days followed by three days of cold rain that has battered plants and flowers into the mud. And yesterday, while sitting at my dining room table, I looked out the door into the dooryard to seeContinue reading “Bright Colors on a Gray Day”

Ask Real Gardeners, not the Internet and its Content Farms

There are ten coneflowers in my sister’s lower garden. The garden drops off steeply into a field of five foot ferns. Does and fawns hide in these ferns, and all one can see are the doe’s ears. Now the Internet, quoting universities and suspect sources, says that deer avoid coneflowers, and urges the gardener notContinue reading “Ask Real Gardeners, not the Internet and its Content Farms”

Two Gardens. June 14, 2021

These are photos taken today in my sister’s garden in Bow. The flowers and plants are pass-a-long New England favorites collected by my sister, and some newer additions. The following plants are newer perennials I added to this garden. This Campanula enchants my sister. In two years it has formed a patch that has triedContinue reading “Two Gardens. June 14, 2021”

June 12 Blooms. Old Favorites and Exotics.

Above is my first flower on Marigold “Cempazuchitl”, a large African Tagetes which is grown in Mexico to use as a floral symbol on The Day of the Dead November 1st. The plant has an open, rangy ,skeletal look and large pompon blossoms. I bought three plants from Annie’s Annuals in California, and now haveContinue reading “June 12 Blooms. Old Favorites and Exotics.”