Plum Island October 18, 2020

My first visit to Plum Island yesterday. Birders and Bicyclists out in numbers on a warm, calm day. There were only a few late asters blooming, but the leaves and grasses were resplendent. On the muddy flats on the marsh side we saw many Greater Yellowlegs dashing, swimming, and spinning. No pictures, alas. Birds stymieContinue reading “Plum Island October 18, 2020”

New Hampshire’s Kudzu

It is everywhere. Along the roads. In waste places. In an Audubon preserve in Concord. The Japanese Knotweed. Sometime in the past someone introduced it, thinking it was an ornamental, and in small clumps, it might be. If my eye was unbiased, I would find it attractive. But I know better, having seen it smotherContinue reading “New Hampshire’s Kudzu”

Re-Thinking Southern New Hampshire Summers

The Washington Post writes that this summer is the hottest in New Hampshire history, and I believe it, since two summers here have proved that this is not the New Hampshire of my youth . As I write this- it is over 90, and tomorrow will be 95. I have no air conditioning, and myContinue reading “Re-Thinking Southern New Hampshire Summers”