The Cost of a Tomato is Eternal Vigilance

A friend of my sister is from the Netherlands. She and her husband have a small country homestead, and presuming she would say “yes”, I asked her if she had a vegetable garden. She shook her head and grimaced. “Ah, no,” she said, “The animals”. In the following photo, if you look closely at theContinue reading “The Cost of a Tomato is Eternal Vigilance”

A Three Month Old Garden in New Boston

Sonnet and Rocket Snapdragon, Angelonias, Heliopsis, Castor Beans, Salvia “Black and Blue”, old fashioned Balsams, Nicotiana mutabilis. This is Cottage style planting with an intermingling of colors. Plants are not massed in blocks. I prefer a pointillist effect. Salvia Mystic Spires, Balsams, petunias Sonnet Pink Snapdragons, “Dondo” ageratum not yet blooming. Closeups of Balsams. TheseContinue reading “A Three Month Old Garden in New Boston”

The Fourth of July, and a Phantom Train

I live up the road from the Lang Railroad Station in New Boston. The station is now part of a town forest and walkway along the old railroad line. No train has been heard here since early in the last century. But one went through last night. I was home from work at midnight andContinue reading “The Fourth of July, and a Phantom Train”