The Hydrangea Trial Gardens at Heritage Gardens on Cape Cod

Heritage Gardens in Sandwich, Mass. has a riveting collection of hydrangeas of all persuasions- from blue mopheads to lace caps to paniculatas, and to exotics I did not know existed. Even in early October there were blooms to see.

My sister and I were in Eastham for a week, just south of Coast Guard Beach and the Nauset Marsh where Henry Beston once spent a year in “The “Fo’Castle”, otherwise known as the Outermost House. We saw endless asters, beach plums, the Silverling shrub, and bright green seaweeds on the beaches where we were looking for migrant shorebirds.

I have photos too numerous to post all at once, but I thought I would start at the Botanical Garden with pictures of the Hydrangea Trial gardens.

The last three photos are of a cultivar I have never seen or heard of. There was no label., so I have no idea what it is.

I will post more pictures of this beautiful garden, but I would like to show an extra photo or two of the Aconitum now blooming in my garden.

And at last my Prairie Golden Aster and aster “October Skies” are blooming!

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