A Unicorn Tree

This is the Franklin Tree-Franklinia alatamaha, found in Georgia by the Bartrams centuries ago, and since then, never found again in the wild. It lives in captivity now, rare and hard to grow. This one pictured is in the Heritage Gardens on Cape Cod. I had never seen one before. Seeing it was like seeing a unicorn.

Here is a strange plant in the Bird and Bee garden at the Heritage. I think it is a plant children would love-

It is an African milkweed, and anyone who wants seeds can find them on Etsy-

Here is a view of one of the entrance gardens-

Zinnia “Profusion Bicolor”

Pink Japanese Anemones

Above is Orange Emilia. I bought some seeds for this, and now I am happy I did. It is an annual from Africa.

Dahlias love the maritime climate of Cape Cod.

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