Canna “Blueberry Sparkler”

A few years back, when helping a friend restore and replant her garden , I put this canna in a bed on top of a retaining wall. When it bloomed my friend told me “I usually hate cannas, but I changed my mind when I saw this one”.

This plant came from Plant Delights in North Carolina, and is in the restored garden at the Goffstown New Hampshire Historical Society. I do not see many cannas in gardens here, and when I do they are usually dwarfs.

More bloomers at the Historical Society are shown below.

Above- The old fashioned “Harlequin” marigold.


PG Hydrangeas are the Crape Myrtles of southern New Hampshire. They are everywhere, and most are large. This is the dwarf “Bobo”. A larger shrub would have been out of scale for this small flower bed.

In the Gravel bed against the large front porch I planted the agastache “Apache Sunrise”. I think its colors are sublime-


Next is the classic daylily “Hyperion”. Big clumps of this were donated to the garden by Mrs. Jo Rumrill of Pinardville. They originally came out of the garden of a Goffstown High School football coach who planted his flowers as a memorial to his daughter.

Next is the dainty “Moonbeam” coreopsis. It is planted near the headstone of a mysterious “Mary”, who is of course resting somewhere unknown.

We were lucky that we had storms last night, for the water hoses have been kept busy by too many nice days in a row, one definition of a drought. Rain cleanses leaves and is the elixir that nothing out of of hose can equal-

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