A Wonderful Sunless Few Days

Two of the last three summers have been severe droughts. The spring here dried up, and we have to depend on a well. I have tried to conserve water by watering sparingly this summer, and have been dismayed by the wilting and drooping. A Boltonia “Snowbank” I bought in June has withered on the weeklyContinue reading “A Wonderful Sunless Few Days”

“Salmon Sunset” Four O’clock

Four O’Clocks open in the afternoon and close in midmorning. Hence their common name. This plant was raised from seed. In my southern garden it was hardy, but here it dies with the frost unless I overwinter it as a dried tuber. This flower is my favorite shade of pastel orange and is in theContinue reading ““Salmon Sunset” Four O’clock”

What To Do With Half a Wishing Well

Garden ornaments such as wishing wells and gnomes are loved by some and sniffed at by others. All I will say about this one is that I am relieved the top half was never attached. Since it is stuck in the ground, and we at the Historical Society are stuck with it, some function hadContinue reading “What To Do With Half a Wishing Well”

Shirley Hill Farm, Goffstown

Here, on the southernmost of the Uncanoonuc hills that rise south of Goffstown, is the Shirley Hill Farm and the Benedikt Dairy. I saw this farm yesterday for the first time. I thought the Uncanooncucs were just hills no different than any other hills. Wooded, unremarkable. Just hills. Somewhere to be crossed to get toContinue reading “Shirley Hill Farm, Goffstown”

Blooming Today- Some Fine Annuals

Warm weather is bringing out the first zinnias and cosmos. Every one in the Society garden was raised from seed, and if they are seeded in in mid-June, they are ready to bring new color and bloom starting in August, when so many perennials are finished. Here is Zinnia “Profusion Bi-color, which I saw forContinue reading “Blooming Today- Some Fine Annuals”