A Few Words about the David Austin Roses

When the David Austin roses came to the US, I bought and planted about two dozen of them in my garden in Nashville. How seductive they were, and still are, and yet not one of them would I grow again. I never thought I would live in New Hampshire and be writing about those roses.Continue reading “A Few Words about the David Austin Roses”

The Preservation of Gardens

According to the Washington Post, some of the members of the American Horticultural Society Board, quietly put George Washington’s River Farm in Alexandria ,Virginia, for sale for 32 million plus, and turned down an offer to buy the place and preserve it made by the County of Fairfax. These soul less, greedy people, members ofContinue reading “The Preservation of Gardens”

A Small Shrub for a Small Garden

Looking at my small, bare garden beds just before the snows and after the snows are melted away, I realized that my annuals and perennials are, as Russell Page once said, no more than “brightly colored hay”. I had thought by adding a Montauk Daisy or two I might add a little substance, since theirContinue reading “A Small Shrub for a Small Garden”

Wisdom from the late John Prine

No photo today as I open up this blog for the season. Nothing much to see but bare ground. But even bare ground is better than the World out There. John Prine was right. “Blow up your TV”. “Throw away your paper” I cancelled cable TV weeks ago, unwilling to pay car payment sized billsContinue reading “Wisdom from the late John Prine”