Exchanging the Garden for the Kitchen -Winter Comforts

Primitive Oil Winter scene

What is warmer than the gleam of copper?

Ready to bake and cook in the winter kitchen.

Vintage creamers from France.

Below are vintage Hall Pottery casseroles from the 50s, I believe. I looked on Ebay and Etsy recently and saw that this elegant series of this pottery were nowhere to be seen. All for sale now seem to be muddy colored teapots and casseroles. I wonder if the older gold leaf pottery went out of favor because it cannot go in a microwave or a dishwasher. Convenience is King now.

As my age goes up, my collecting dwindles. When I lived in the South I spent Friday and Saturday mornings at the estate sales , which are commoner there than they are here. Not only were there great inexpensive finds, the sales were also a good place for people watching. Something I will post about in the future.

Almost everything I own is second hand. A dining room table my sister did not want .Old desks and chairs. Sweaters and coats from Goodwill or Ebay. I like recycling more than just cans and bottles-

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