Persephone and Our Gardens have disappeared into the Snow and Granite Underworld-So let’s enjoy a little Silly Verse called “The Beagle Poem”.

A nose with four legs defines a Beagle.

And though his lineage is regal-

(Elizabeth 1 owned a slew)

This might not be the dog for you!

A Beagle’s hearing is selective.

He hears only what he wants to hear

And drives his owner to curses and invective.

A Beagle does only what he wants to do.

He cares nothing for what’s convenient for you.

He wants only to sniff, and sleep, and snack.

His Nirvana is the Rabbit’s track.

Pity his owner, trapped in the car

Driving by the verge, where the Rabbits are

And has her ears blistered by howl and roar!


Dedicated to the late Dippity Dog, who loved to travel the Gulf Coast in a Toyota Tundra after his owner retired.

Published by talesofanashvillegardener

Professional gardener, Experimental Cook. Constant Reader

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