Blooming Today

New England aster “Violetta” . Hybridized in Europe. This came from Digging Dog Nursery in California, ordered on line. This nursery has choice asters, persicarias, ornamental grasses and aconitums.

“Torch” tithonia, the Mexican sunflower. Easily raised from seed planted in June. A fast growing annual. Easy for anyone. The white spires are Persicaria “Alba”.

Above is Patrina scabiousifolia, the Golden Lace Flower- a Japanese plant. Easy to grow. Mine came from Plant Delights Nursery in North Carolina which sells on line.

All the plants above are in the Goffstown Historical Society Gardens.

The following flowers are in my bone dry sand garden in New Boston, watered only twice through this summer’s drought.

Letterman’s ironweed, from Missouri and the lower mid- west. The yellow flower is Solidago rigida, the Rigid Goldenrod, another Midwesterner. These plants can be found online at The Prairie Nursery or the Prairie Moon Nursery. The white spire on the right is the Silver Rod, native to New Hampshire. This plant just showed up- a volunteer.

Above- a closeup of the Rigid Goldenrod. Note the sedum like leaves.

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