At the Goffstown Historical Society Gardens- September 8, 2022

Gardens don’t need to be abandoned after August. Here is proof in these late flowering borders.

Above- “Candles” canna, zinnias, and “Miss Huff” lantana.

Agastache “Morello”

The native New Hampshire Showy Goldenrod (Solidago speciosa), shown below-

Canna “Pretoria” above, and the Late border in front of the old red schoolhouse below.

The grass in the foreground is “Standing Ovation”, a Little bluestem. Most late blooming perennials are composites, and as beautiful as they are, need the contrast of tender salvias and ornamental grasses to provide contrast and prevent monotony.

A note- “Pretoria” canna- available on line from Horn Cannas. Canna “Candles”, available on line from Karchesky Cannas.

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