What To Do With Half a Wishing Well

Garden ornaments such as wishing wells and gnomes are loved by some and sniffed at by others. All I will say about this one is that I am relieved the top half was never attached.

Since it is stuck in the ground, and we at the Historical Society are stuck with it, some function had to be found. It had to be good for something.

So we filled it with dirt and garden debris and turned it into a big planter. Two African Mallows went in to the center, some Lab Lab beans were positioned to start to creep down the edges, though they have not yet made up their minds about cooperating.

In a few weeks, no one will notice anyway, since the planter will be forgotten when the Giant Brazilian Tobacco plant, Nicotiana mutablis will be dangling its six foot stalks of pink and white and rose flowers up over the back of the well. The basal rosettes of the nicotiana are hidden behind the planter.

Also of interest now, the old fashioned Balsam, a variety of Impatiens. A stalwart of the old grandmother gardens.

In the porch garden in front of the museum, cosmos “Rose Bonbon” is blooming. I think she looks like a ballerina’s tutu.

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