Good Form and Structure are Priceless

This lovely shrub is Hypericum “Blues Festival”. Its blooms are not long lasting, but if this plant never bloomed it would still be striking because of its blue, shapely leaves and its superb form. I put this in the Goffstown Historical Society garden last fall. It was very small, but has tripled in size.

I did not put plants that disintegrate into a heap or are so unsightly after bloom that they mar the garden. I am lazier than those great gardeners, the British. who cover bare spots left by poppies by pinning down Baby’s Breath over them. I will not plant Shasta daises or Monardas because of rapid spread and post bloom dishevelment.

I love the look of bold Color Guard yuccas and santolina and the ornamental grasses such as the bluestems “Red October” and “Standing Ovation”. Fescue grass is another favorite.

How I wish Pink Muhlenbergia capillaris would survive here. Here are photos of it in a Nashville garden I planted.

Lastly, I could not leave out a photo of “Coral Knockout” my favorite rose. It did suffer from rose thrips early in the season, but their time has passed, and there is less damage.

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