A Year Ago- and Now

Above is the front porch garden of the Historical Society in Goffstown last year. Overgrown with weeds, blackberry bushes, and the invasive grass Rumex. The saponaria, or “Bouncing Bet” and the daylilies were preserved. and they are blooming now. /

Here is a photo of the renovated beds.

Yet to bloom in this border are the zinnias I raised from seed , including the scabious flowered “Candy” zinnias and the “Profusion” small flowered bedding types. The beds also feature the “Skyscraper” salvias, late blooming aromatic asters, and the old timey annual Impatiens balsamina, a reliable re -seeder. The far bed also includes “Crackerjack” African marigolds and cosmos, all raised from seed. While garden centers sell cosmos and marigolds, their selection is usually limited to common mixed types.

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