Seedling Army

Pink Senorita Zinnia

I have over three dozen pots of zinnias, marigolds, and cosmos in my front dooryard. They are in Sterilite boxes that are easily covered when the chill and storms come. All are going to a small public garden at a local historical site in around two to four weeks or as soon as they are large enough. Unlike the cheaper generic varieties I set out last year, these are what I hope to be more dazzling and choice plants.

I hope. God knows they cost enough, and came with great credentials from seed specialists. I wanted elegant and refined, and at five dollars a packet for 25 seeds I should get it, though I am dismayed at the low germination rate of many of them.

The cosmos have the most failures. A variety called “Double Click” has four seedlings. A marigold heirloom from Sweden called “Burning Embers” never showed at at all. I will have to get seeds from my sister, whose expatriate Dutch friend has a similar variety.

Kudos though to the little “Gem” marigold and its filigree foliage. And to most of the zinnias. How glad I am to have a dozen of the marigold “Profusion Bi-Color”, which I admired last fall at the Heritage Gardens in Sandwich, Massachusetts. Here is a photo from that visit-

Today is hot and humid with storms coming. The atmosphere is that of a warm greenhouse, and how the summer annuals love it! Most have left their seed leaves behind and are adding millimeters by the day. I am hoping they will soon jump inches.

I hope to do a post soon on why I grow zinnias instead of dahlias and why I think there are zinnia varieties that are very similar in flower to dahlias, and which are easier to grow and a nice substitute free of fuss and bother.

Below- Summer field- New Boston

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