Coneflower Medley

In the garden close to the house in Bow the coneflowers are blooming. In the lower garden they have been gnawed on down to leaves by deer. The house garden has motion light protection at night, and this may be why these coneflowers get to bloom there

When the colored coneflowers appeared in the 1990s they were weak and unreliable, but have since had more vigor and tenacity bred into them.

The Gooseneck Loosestrife is blooming as well. When it is blooming and not thirsty, it is showy, but when the rains fail and the well must be spared, it is miserable. It also spreads fast far and wide.

I drove out to view high water and wildflowers last week. I parked at the Goffstown Historical Society, and spotted these strange cement beings between the buildings. I cannot tell if they are frogs or nestlings begging for worms. They do appeal to my love of strangeness-

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