Longwood Silver

I waited three months for a California on line nursery to catch up on back orders so I could finally put Plectranthus argentatus “Longwood Silver” into a garden again.

Gray foliage is elegant. It is sophisticated and it shines, and to my mind “Longwood Silver” is the finest gray leaved plant I have grown. Its only flaw is tenderness, but is easy kept indoors over winter, and spring cuttings root quickly and grow fast.

It grew as large as a bushel basket in the South, and it may do so here. It does have small spikes of blue purple flowers late, but these are insignificant and I prune them away.

“Longwood Silver” came out of Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania, and the new issue of Horticulture magazine has a piece on Peter Zale, who manages breeding and plant collections at Longwood. It is quite an interesting article for Dr. Zale is a specialist in the breeding of Phlox.

The only source I have found on line for this plant is Digging Dog Nursery in California.

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