Three Wildflowers and a Rose

When I lived in New Hampshire early in life I never saw the American Columbine growing, and it was in Tennessee at The Narrows of the Harpeth State Park that I saw it first on the limestone cliffs above the river.

Yet I found it yesterday, growing on the verge along Gregg Mill Road. There is only one plant, and today I walked down to photograph it.

Not far down the road the starflower and the Canada Mayflower were blooming, and the latter and its shiny leaves come up everywhere shady. It is beyond abundant.

Canada Mayflower

It was still cool this morning when I took these photos, and despite the drought the fields looked bright and green.

And the magnificent ferns were unfurling-

Back in the garden, rose “Apricot Drift” had its first blossom. I grew this rose in Nashville, and the worst thing it did was have a few yellow leaves. No mildew. No blackspot. Its leaves are tiny, and it stays under 3 ft, since one of its parents was a miniature rose. I bought this a month or so ago from a local nursery that carries only known hardy roses.

In form and color it looks like a David Austin rose.

All shades of orange appeal to me, and the next rose to bloom here will be “Coral Knockout”, which I bought last year and moved to a new spot in April. The rose was unfazed , and is leafed out, healthy and budding.


A word about Little Gollum , the squirrel. He still is fur-less , and was out under the feeder this morning eating the peanut pieces Chewy just delivered. He is a good climber. I am trying not to grow too fond of him.

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