The Preservation of Gardens

According to the Washington Post, some of the members of the American Horticultural Society Board, quietly put George Washington’s River Farm in Alexandria ,Virginia, for sale for 32 million plus, and turned down an offer to buy the place and preserve it made by the County of Fairfax. These soul less, greedy people, members of our Ruling Class, smelled money, and they wanted it as they always do. I hope the light shines in on these people, and they go down in shame when the plans for the theme park or the planned development go public.

A few years back the same kind of humans decided to dig up the Russell Page garden at the Frick Museum in New York to build more museum on top of it. Worthy people stopped it.

I have been thinking about the impermanence of gardens. And I think I am angry when I see how they are bulldozed or turned into buildings named for rich donors. In this country, we will destroy anything if we can turn it into money-

I have several best loved books by Joe Eck and Wayne Winterrowd , the graceful souls who created North Hill garden in Vermont. I would love to see North Hill. I would drive there in June, now that I live back in New England.

But is there a North Hill now? After Wayne Winterrowd died, the house and grounds were sold, and no where on the web can I find out what happened. No local paper announces that it is being reopened. I can find nothing.

Did the couple decide to let the garden go back to woods when they were not around to care for it? Did the Garden Conservancy ever look at preserving it? Did a developer buy it?

I would like to know.

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