Plum Island October 18, 2020

My first visit to Plum Island yesterday. Birders and Bicyclists out in numbers on a warm, calm day.

There were only a few late asters blooming, but the leaves and grasses were resplendent.

Picklegrass in its fall color.

On the muddy flats on the marsh side we saw many Greater Yellowlegs dashing, swimming, and spinning. No pictures, alas. Birds stymie me-

Up the trail to the overlook to Ipswich

Many colors-


Pink Lovegrass

Bittersweet is lovely. When I was a child my mother used it as fall decorations. Unfortunately it has run wild, smothering shrubs and trees all over Plum Island.

I plan to go back in frigid January to look for Snowy Owls that winter in the dunes. I hope the seafood shack that sold me a lobster pie is still open. I will also go back in May for the tremendous spring migration this island is famous for. I regret that we did not tour Newburyport yesterday. I saw many fine front yard gardens as we drove through.

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