The Bow Garden Club Garden

When I moved to back to New Hampshire I bought books about New England gardening,but nothing in them taught me as much as driving down Rockingham St. in Concord , or visiting The Fells near Lake Sunapee, or stopping on my way home from work in the morning to see what was blooming in the Bow Garden Club garden on Logging Hill Road.

Eyes opened, I saw flowers I had had only seen in English garden picture books. Some plants were such mysteries I had to look them up

What was this Bleeding heart blooming in the late summer in the Bow Garden Club garden? I had never heard of a bleeding heart that did not disappear after blooming-

What could this be? I have been to many Southern gardens, but never encountered this plant-

Centaurea dealbata- a hardy Bachelor’s Button. now passing its peak.

Could this be Campanula glomerata?

It is. But is this next flower, not yet open, another campanula? If so, which one?

I do not know-

Here are some views of the garden, and some more familiar plants.

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