Marsh Marigolds

These Marsh Marigolds were blooming last month along a stream in New Boston. I had not seen this flower since I was a child, and I am now old. I was going to post this photo earlier, but spent April unnerved. Every week the plants I ordered in February and March came via UPS or the mailman. I bought them before shadows came over everything, and I wondered if I would be dead or sick when they arrived, for I have a dangerous job.

I have started work now on the dooryard garden of a house 20 years shy of 300 years old. There are persistent plants out there, some too persistent. Lily of the Valley, the Rambunctious Bellflower, Spiderwort, white and purple violets. The bed liberated from the Lily of the Valley had to be dug out three times, and it is still not clean. Along the front, behind a lilac, the buckwheat that is the Kudzu of New Hampshire is still sneaking above ground, and I see it with a foot hold in foundation cracks.

The sun is dropping now, and I am headed out till late dusk to do tasks I avoided at 2pm when it was 87 degrees. And my best friend in Nashville thinks I have moved to the frozen North-

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One thought on “Marsh Marigolds

  1. Could you post a picture of the buckwheat? I have no idea what it looks like and I wonder if it is here, or just in southern NH.
    I dearly love violets and spiderwort and they can grow whereever they like here! The only thing about lily of the valley I don’t like is the poisonous quality! We dug ours out, but some still came back and I’m just going to leave them. The grandchildren aren’t babies now and plus they are hidden (kind of) under some lilacs. And they are beautiful.
    I can see you thumbing your nose at your southern friend!!
    What is your dangerous job?


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