Late Color in the October Garden

There has been no frost on this hill to stop the zinnias, but they are in suspended animation from the chill and the very low sun that barely clears the trees.

Still there is color.

I did not grow bergenias in Nashville, though I once saw them along a shady path near the mansion at the Cheekwood Botanical Gardens. I put two in the Bow garden this spring. They were substantial plants I found in a Henniker nursery. They did not bloom, and having seen their fall leaves, I do not care if they ever do. Their color is that of the Cortland apple.

How I wish the Monkshood, or aconitum had bloomed earlier, when I would not have to worry about it freezing.

This plant is over 60 inches tall.

I thought this tardy chrysanthemum was “Clara Curtis” , but it is pinker than the flowers I remember from my youth. How late its flowering is-

Even the hostas are sadly beautiful as they go ready to go underground.

Lastly, the Japanese woodland salvia “Momobana”.

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2 thoughts on “Late Color in the October Garden

  1. We dug up our monkshood because we had little grandchildren around, and one day the granddaughter had a bloom in her mouth (did not swallow it) and I was horrified, knowing how poisonous they are and that was it. Bye bye monkshood!


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